Thursday, January 29, 2009

blogovich & constitution

Rod Blogiovich governor of Illinoise has been impeached and convicted by senate of Il .He is no more the governor of the state.
It is unusual development Though it may in the power of state legislature to impeach a governor without cause.He sure has been very un popular.Federal attorney by hosting a press conference and arresting the Governor has harmed the legal process.Federal prosecutors are not above the law. Besides he asked for extension to present his case against the Governor.It showes that he was not preparede and rushed his action .In the process public has been harmed .Governor who had been elected by statewide election has been removed and votes of its citizens have been voided.There second vote to disallow him from holding office is clearly abuse of their power.It will be chalenged if blogiovich is found not guilty by the courts.I am sure Ex Governor will ask to declare this action unconstitutional by the courts and will prevail.

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