Sunday, February 1, 2009

US Senators Vacancies

President Obama has appointed at least three senators to his cabinet.It has brought to attention issues relating to appointments of Senators and house of representatives.

In most of the states power is given to Governor of the the state .It can be understood need to represent the people and expediency may require an appointment.It should be a temporary appointment only may be say up to six months and elections should be held in that period and a
elected senator should fulfil the seat.
It is counter to our tradition and culture to give arbitrary and total power to an elected Governor to appoint a Senator.It is about time such a rule be formed or a competent system to fill the vacancy created . Flaws in the current system are exaggerated this January.It seems Mr Obama is about to appoint a republican senator for the secretary of commerce.This vacancy will give an unusual opportunity for the Democratic governor to appoint a Democrat and give Mr Obama filibuster proof majority in Senate.Mr Obama is very popular ,but this result is neither the intent of electorate or the constitution.


  1. Hi daddy, I am doing homework and stopped into your blog to read. You think a lot, don't you? Haha! I do agree a lot on your relationships between Men and Women blog. If we keep lines of communication more open, then maybe more of the world will be like America and more like me- MIXED! I love you times two-hundred trillion and also times more than all of the national debt in the world. :)

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  3. Thank you Sabrina.Love you and God bless you.

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