Friday, February 13, 2009

When i crossed into pakistan

This story is of gentler and simpler times .My dad was posted at Atari border ,a border post with Pakistan at the village Attari.In those lot of fruits used to come from Afghanistan.which include ed Annar's of Kandahar, dry fruits grapes( i remember large golden green grapes) almonds,kishmish and such.
Dad was highest ranking official there and as such was final authority.He might have been even higher ranking than police and military officials at the post.He commanded great respect there. One of the morning i accompanied dad to the railway station we inspected the trains traffic both ways.We also inspected the engine of a train going back to Pakistan.My memory is not clear if they were railways of different countries.My dad having studied in Dayal Singh college in Lahore was well conversant in culture and traditions of both sides. I think officer in charge in conversation offered me ride into Pakistan and we went for two or three miles of rural area.Then train stopped let both of us out and we walked back to our railway station.This must be in the year 1955 or so .somehow this is one of the few memories i have of that early age.I was may be six years old

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