Friday, March 6, 2009

Afganistan What now,

Afghanistan is the center of American war effort and by proxy Pakistan and Afghan border is in the eye of the storm.Players here can not be ignored .
They are Afghanistan,Iran,Pakistan,India.The people of this region has ties and understandings older than Christianity itself.
Countries like Russia, England ,USA and NATO have learned lessons because of occupations and wars .These are important so that we may not repeat the same mistakes.
Let us see what is our agenda for frontier region the most troubled area of this conflict.To write off this region as monolithic and with only history of war please Do not forget Sarhaddi Gandhi( Khan Abdul Gaffar khan)A peaceful son of this region .This was a place where Buddhism and Hinduism flourished . Yes many invaders and their followers have brutalised this region.Latest foreign force to influence and militarise the area has come as madras's run by Wahabism sect from Saudi Arabia.
Taliban is term which means student and this radicalised group are the product of these Wahabi madras's.Young children without hope and indoctrinated in hatred are the guaranty of failure. If we want to help this region it has to start with education which include reading writing,science,literature,math,history and culture including culture of other people.For the success of this region education is the front line in this war .Many students can study in neighboring countries and teachers can be brought back.It is crisis.If we fail we fail the coming generations.For the long term Education is more important than any security problem.

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