Monday, March 30, 2009

India is finally moving out of colonialism

India is finally growing up.Democracy is taking hold .Please remember it is not perfect .Its colonial legacy is deep.Problems are immense solutions limited.
You may ask then why i am so optimistic.My optimism is based on many things.I am most hopeful because i understand so imperfect American system that i totally believe in it ,I am sucker for its flaws and specially its strengths.I know humans given opportunity can achieve any thing .American System if nothing else, encourages freedom of thought.
I do not know that American system will succeed.I am in it by choice and whole heartedly. Sixty years have passed since India's Independence that is about same amount of time after American independence when Alexes DE Tocqueville had come to observe American freedom and wrote democracy in America.
Challenges India has faced have been tremendous.India in these short sixty years have had four wars.excruciating defeats.dictatorial leaders like Indira Gandhi who saw there own defeat by the citizenry.It has many flaws but finally Internet and large number of educated people with time on their hand is making India a living democracy.Role of computers can not be given any less importance than the pamphleteers of the nineteenth century writer of America.
If India representing one sixth of the humanity can be a better democracy it can be a hope for the world.May be we will be able to improve human existence without wasting lot of energy Human ,physical ,material as well as calories.

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