Thursday, March 12, 2009

It is time for India to accept peace corp and join it with its own volunteers.

It can be a great relation builder for India to welcome peace corp to India .It develops great relations between the democracies.India should start a friendship corp to send 10000 youth all over the world to be friends and in the process learn about cultures ,Geo political and world view up close.For starters India should welcome new corp members from united states .From all the people i have met their interest in serving in India is great .we should capitalise and nurture this for mutual benefits. Americans and Indians are exceptional that they do not follow the official line and can by experience and understanding form enlightened informed views.This serves American and Indian agenda of plurality and democracy well.
Last time i remember hearing of President Jimmy Carters mother Lilian Carter having served in peace corp in India.It was a moral booster for all of us that president might have a soft spot for India for this connection.This happened 30 years ago.Now many out of our million youth of Indian descent in united states want to serve in organisations like peace for experience and knowledge.Good opportunities are terrible thing to waste.

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