Thursday, April 2, 2009

Democracy,peace,openness and development

I wonder if Karl Marx was right in the statement"that capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him."
I am neither a believer in capitalism or communism or socialism. They all have their quirks.I am convinced free markets system practiced in liberal democratic society can deliver maximum benefit to the citizens.
China with its state capitalism as practiced in PRC is proving that it is able to produce goods and services in most efficient manner.It gets the advantage of efficient scale and capital .Its frugal bureaucrats have served its public much better than greedy and crooked bankers and merchants of management in last 20 years.Free for all culture has given a black eye to American System.It created the first affluent middle class in the history of mankind.With our social security ,food stamps and housing subsidy we would be envy of any communist thinkers , paradise setup. It is time that we claim our place in the society of nation for providing most freedom and most goods and services to all citizens.
All economy theories have to be reevaluated and adjusted that is the beauty of American system that it is able to do so.I live here as my chosen home because i believe in American way.I could not live in China ,north Korea,Saudi Arabia or Iran even if i had much more wealth there.I could more easily adjust to Europe,India or US.It is because i value personal freedom that is not only mine but every body around me.I also like to be around variety of views and hews.

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