Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Need to create inexpensive light unmanned planes

The use of Drones as the main weapon against Taliban is a new development .The cost of these drones is in range of 50 million.A million here a million there it is soon real money.Killing each Taliban at 20 to 50 million dollar will send us to poor house.They will have a new group of taliban in 15 years.Pakistan has surrendered in SWAT and frontier provinces .Wahhabi's and AL Qaeda has completely controlled this region.No education for girls and only fundamental religious education have left most of young without any skills.
We should spend the money under direct control of us for education in Pakistan.All the supplies not available in Pakistan should be bought in India and sent to Pakistan and Afghanistan.This will force these countries to improve trade and help us develop relations with all the countries in the region.Business is better assistance than charity.

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