Monday, April 13, 2009

Sabrina' friend from marines going to Afganistan

Yesterday Sabrina's friend Bryan from high school came by to see her at our house.He was in Rhode island to get married , on Monday with his girl friend from high school . This boy is only 19 and will be twenty in August.Two years of service in marine has made him aware of much of grown up things of life.He has grown up in more ways than if he was in civilian life .It is no less a change than a college away from home would be.Military service makes people think issues of war and peace,life and death, which other people are not required to . Relationships get exaggerated.One thinks of creating strong ties of love & marriage.They say in war many soldiers have been sustained by letters from sweethearts back home.Now there are men and women in war .Its even more difficult for military couples.
In last 20 or so years alcohol has become illegal in America(i will never understand why) for young adults.Alcohol provided escape in other times to soldiers.They may have all the data to prove its benefits.If benefits could be proven for restricting human speech i will be outlaw and say what i want in the same wane i say alcohol should be made legal for all adults.If 18 year old can not make those decisions we should change the age of adulthood to to 21 and make everybody under 21 a minor and not capable of deciding for themselves .It will probably provide a more responsible society.
Bryan is going with in month to Afghanistan and will be working in Halmand Province.In Afghanistan it is considered the belly of the beast
These are the signs that my younger daughter is growing up,her friends are going to war to fight to protect our way of life.May God bless this generation and protect them from harm.War has a strange way of changing nations and youth in particular.I pray they remain gentle and at peace with themselves.

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