Friday, April 10, 2009

Sex selection and dowry

China has 30 million more men than women aged under 20.It means shortage of women will continue for one generation at least.They have to be commended for there ability to control the population .One can not justify the methods used by them.Now with sex selection this unbalance in the female population has been created .Higher number of male in a society is also a sign of lack of education and women's rights.
In India also the population of boy children is increasing ,reason is simple availability of tests to determine sex of fetus and abortion of female fetuses.
There can be other positive effect of this higher number of boy's.As the number of women is reduced in comparison to boys by the laws of supply and demand they become more valuable.I hope other impact of it will be end of the curse of dowry which has continued to keep our society backward and poor. Any society which does not treat women as equal with all the qualities and frailties can not progress.


  1. Bush,Lets hope that future generations would be out of this dowry..But do you think that this is possible...

  2. Hima, it is the education which is the solution
    and more educated empowered women will be able to raise proud strong girls who will be partners in life of individuals ,our nation and the world.Education is the disinfectant of society.