Monday, August 31, 2009

Jaswant Singh's Jinnah

this comment i posted on Farzana-Varsey blog about the Jaswant singh's book


Any body interested in understanding must consider works of german historians of india and region Kulke and Rothermund( History of India). This book is really unique as it is by impartial observers.Kulke is dead and Rothermund is octogenarian.

I am not sure if Jaswant Singh read these authors.He may have been more influenced by writing of Jinnah's secretary.

Contributions of Jinnah and Gandhi in my mind are not in the same league.Yes they were contemporaries.Jaswant Singh ,by putting them in the same category is just trying to start a controversy it might be all a marketing tactic.

My uncle met Jinnah at lahore ( (before independence)railway station and asked him what was his message for a him on finding out that he was hindu ,Jinnah said "I have no message for you go to Gandhi for your message" .Read what you may in it.

kul bhushan

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