Friday, September 18, 2009

Mrs Obama and community markets

Farmers markets are popular signs to be seen in America.First lady having a kitchen garden and promoting farmers markets is sign of promotion of local production and consumption of food.For human health it is imperative that we participate it in a thoughtful manner.By controlling the factors which impact our health negatively we will bring the cost of health care down and improve the health of the nation .All the expenses saved on health care will leave funds to take care of our other needs and then wants.

Michelle Obama you are a role model by the position you hold and example you create for the nation for raising your children.We are glad you are paying attention to nutrition on a personal level.

Please pay some attention to publicise how you help your daughters to excel in school on weekly basis it will help us understand how to do it better.You and president must be doing something right to have excelled in academics and now by becoming president which only a few score of men has achieved so far and your husband is the first black man to do so against all the odds.

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