Sunday, September 6, 2009

statements of Mauj Khan a border residence of Pakistan

I just heard and watched pictures of Mauj Khan describing conflict of 1965.(Dawn)
How they have heard bullets coming in but none of the villagers or relatives were injured .He mentioned that he has seen 1965,1971 and Kargill wars .But by the grace of god none of the family has been victim.He felt that they can not leave their land and go somewhere else as this land will always be occupied by somebody like him why not him and his relatives.Every time there is war someplace it is hard for them . He mentioned that in 1965 after they heard this firing Pakistani planes attacked Indian side on the border and taking that clue they decided to move out of the region.As they were leaving they encountered some soldiers who asked him to stay and answer questions from distance,One of them wanted to know which side was Pakistan to which he said that this was Pakistan and he was Pakistani to which they said OK you may continue on your journey without hurting us.They stayed away for six months and then they came back.In those days only 1000 people lived in that area.This area looked lush green young crops. and village though with simple houses seemed to be happy and vibrant.

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