Friday, November 20, 2009

Health Care debate and other issues.part II

House of representatives have passed bill with public option for health care and now it is turn of US senate to pass a bill then go to conference for reconciliation.
Republicans and all other detractors who do not want universal health coverage want to gut the reform where it is neither the reform nor cost saving it supposed to create by a universal health coverage.

The Democratic process is of governing is not clean but it should serve the public.Purpose of government is not to protect the special interests but to do the public good.I think either we have been so distracted and given up on our system where facts have no meaning.Only the ones making loudest noise get to say and make impact on the policy.We Americans are supposed to be scientific thinkers.I do not understand how we are sold everything as scientific .Marketing has taken over our decision making .We have a need to understand how we can make this judgement and not be influenced by marketing.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs defined the legislature which "brings us one step closer to ending insurance company abuses, reining in spiraling health care costs, providing stability and security to those with health insurance, and extending quality health coverage to those who lack it."

Opponents of the bill are against any action even the programs of cutting waste in medicare.These cuts are being projected as cuts in medicare benefits and are used in scaring the current beneficiaries who have many family members who will benefit from the new legislature.

Many small businessmen are being scared into believing that they will have to pay for health care for employees .In realty these uninsured employees will get a benefit at a reduced cost and will help improve mental health of average American.Many Millions of Americans will be saved from the stigma of bankruptcy for lack of health care.May be in short time we will be able to say that no person has to die for lack of care in America and we do it in an economical way than we have done for last 40 years.

Choice should not be health care or survival.

It is also time that we look at cost of living a moderate life style in check and guarantee our citizens the same.In last 40 years cost of health insurance, general insurance,energy,food, education and taxes ( local and state) have gone up much higher than income.Lowering the value of dollar and a standard of living.

Last decade the increase in value of residential real estate and easy home equity has fueled the boom in small business creation and development. Suddenly we find these prices have declined and suddenly we do not have the cushion in finances we had earlier.

Result will be no new small business formation for lack of equity and participation by banks.

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