Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Q Khan confirms that China gave Pakistan nuclear bomb

A Q KHAN the Pakistani developer and trader of nuclear weapons has relayed and confirmed to the reporter Mr Ali Masood Syed ( pakistani paper the International news)that China had given nuclear bomb in a kit form .In his mind he traded the Bomb for the centrifuges he had developed .This included enriched uranium hexafluride the weapons grade uranium compound.China has done it just to have low level tension with India and to check India's development and hindering it from becoming a potential competitor in the market place.

India's democracy and the communists in India have hurt its development Wis a Wis China.China after humiliating India in 1962 war has kept India in check by low level tension.Now China is benefiting from trade with India yet keeping in check and always crying wolf and threatening India American alliance while remaining largest trading partner with both.China remains the largest foreign creditor of US Government debt as well.

India needs the equal trading relations with US.Equal to the level China has.India as a maturing democracy deserves this status to develop to much higher level than it has .India deserves to have very close ties for its political system and openness with other democracies US ,Japan and EU.

China should stop Sabotaging and hindering India's progress in trade and alliances with other nations without having negative effects on its relations with them.China can not have Both ways.

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