Saturday, November 28, 2009

What happens when a premature baby is born.

When a extremely premature baby is born (30weeks or less gestation).The cost of care sky rockets and it takes a lot of effort to make up losses from this nature's shortfalls. In many cases this can be madeup but at much higher cost to the system.Any child under 3 pounds may cost million dollars for lifetime cost for additional care.That is how the term million dollar baby is used .All these children are wanted even if we can not afford to pay for this care.So it is in the interest of our society to spend what is needed for prenatal and post care for mother and baby so that a full 39 weeks of gestation takes place.The substantial amount of savings are the national savings and better health for mothers and babies is better nation.
This may have a token cost of less than 1000 dollars per child .Choice is ours one thousand dollars or million dollars for neglect and isolation of young mothers.

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