Monday, December 21, 2009

China's latest export ( unskilled labor in overseas projects)

IT has come to my attention that Chinese government has instituted a policy where they bid low for the overseas contracts and have brought even unskilled labor from china for the projects.

This problem is being observed in India , Vietnam and many African countries.It is really sad .We are creating a new class of colonial power which uses its man power and economical resources to increase influence and wealth at the peril of even under developed nations.
India may have resources and know how to protect itself against such exploitation but nations in sub Saharan Africa lack such structures and protections.

This Chinese development denies the locals opportunity to be with and learn by interaction with other cultures and develop international understanding.This is also a shortsighted approach on the part of Chinese companies .It is really sad as most of the Chinese companies are government owned and sponsored.

IT denies the underdeveloped nations the knowledge to learn the operations of these industries for the benefit of indigenous people
This is not a new policy for China they have even used this technique in Han minority areas of China also, like Tibet, XinGianj,Gansu,Qinghai and others.All those regions are fast becoming Han majority regions .Given the opportunity China will make all the important areas of the world a Han majority areas or will create an apartheid like structures in these poor nations .

We the people of world should avoid a structure like south Africa being repeated in other places now with Chinese (Han) rulers.We all know what apartheid looks like we should not be blinded by it.

While looking for information i became aware that name China comes from Sanskrit world CHEEN for the people who were yellow in color from central Asian region.( what Wiki can tell you)next may be one of our ancestors was Chinese oh no that was African our great great grand mother of the mankind(genetic proof)

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