Saturday, December 5, 2009

Luis Mendoca Rodney King of RHODE ISLAND

Too many police mischiefs in the news lately.

1. Police Chief in warwick is charged with unequal behavior under the law.For charging a federal prosecuter(sullivan)DUI with only refusing to take the breath analyser test and not with DUI as it has done with all the other citizens on the same day.Now the chief has done about face as publicity has been too much to ignore.Shame on them.Now it comes to light Mr sullivan was arrested in South carolina for DUI.

2. Releasing personel data of a fire fighter to public causing harm to fireman.This was also done by the police chief of Johnston RI. Reckless chief.

3. Cronism in central falls including appointment of police chief as warden for for profit prison in town to increase power of the mayor and his cronies .He meither has expertise or the experience. It is a great way to cover up the flaws of the town administration which can not fund schools.Harasses citizens ,has curfew for the youth and city sposored boarding of the buildings at exhorbitant amount of money.
4. Now story of black person who had pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation.Was picked up by Providence police on suspicion of breaking into RISDI dorm and altercation with RISDI police.This person was brutalised and sent to hospital and then transfered to ACI for probation violations. He was also found guilty yeasterday of battery against RISDI police.

Rodney king saga lives in RI.His family was kept in dark ,police report had no names of officer and what transpired till this week a video showes u of Police officers kicking him while he is in hand cuffs.Another Rodney King incident they were all innocent till the video showed up .Nothing happened .

Shame on us that we allow this to happen to us.Police have a difficult job but it does not give them right to abuse citizens .They are not judge jury and the executioner. They should obey the law.

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