Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thinking on Christmas eve about our wounded soldiers.

Today is Christmas eve and i am working till noon at the Oaklawn cleaners.Senate has passed a health care bill.In the new year after reconciliation with the house bill some time in January it will become the law which will provide health care to many now uninsured .It has been said that this will help the uninsured get health coverage,it is step in the right direction,Paul Krugman and many other much smarter people have said so.

Oh i was talking about the wounded soldiers.For the wounded we have choices to warehouse them in the nursing homes at 6000 dollars per month or let the families take care of them.Many times spouses could help for much less money if they did not have to worry about the financial needs of the family.A stipend of 2000 dollars per month for the spouse and a home health aid of two hours per day could make this all much comfortable for the soldiers and their families.It is about time that more practical solutions be implemented to improve the quality of life of the soldiers.

On this Christmas eve i wish that wars would end.Conflicts be resolved peacefully.We may teach our children to live in harmony with all and be good citizens of this world.Disease, hunger,ignorance and want be replaced with health,vigor and compassion.

P.s After reading NYT editorial by Francis X Cline i became aware a senate bill with provisions of 2300 dollars per month stipend is proposed and i think senate should approve it.

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