Thursday, January 28, 2010

Connectomes and human brain.MIT

very interesting.

MIT news is my source for leading edge research in technology.
Today they decided to put light on Mapping the human brains neurons and their connections. This whole thing started when it was discovered that a tiny one millimeter size worm(C.elegans) does not have much of a brain but has a nervous system apprising of a total of 302 nerve cells or neurons.In 1970 some scientists decided to create an electric wiring diagram of how these cells connect with each other.They called it connectomes, similar to genome.
The C. elegans connectome, reported in 1986, took more than a dozen years of tedious labor to find.

Now Viren Jain and his colleagues at Seung lab at MIT have found a way to teach computers to trace the neuron connection in cells.As the technique becomes more developed they are hoping that they will be able to map these connectomes in a much faster fashion that the time it took to do for C.elegan. Hope is that connectomes of mice brain could be done first so that someday human brain connectome can be created.

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