Saturday, January 23, 2010

New breed of Meritocrats

There is a new breed of meritocracy rising in the public sector of the united states.These are very highly trained and educated people who after having best of training and education have chosen to work in the public sectors of the society.What i am talking about is people with advanced degrees in medicine,law and in other fields of learning who feel that they can make great contribution to the society by serving in media,government,think tanks as well as policy and educational institutions.

These special breed of people are breaking all the molds. they can not only write about complex things but are even able to simplify the complexity, is not that the sign of genius.

President Obama by nominating a noble laureate to his cabinet has made it a highly respected and learned cabinet by this simple act.

Dr Sanjay Gupta has become our new national hero.He is a doctor reporter in Haiti who has tried to cut the red tape and even during the stunt in Haiti has performed brain surgery ,when no other doctor was not available.There is no limit to the involvement these leaders of today can have and the contributions they can make.In absence of medicines and such he walked into a military compound and acquired the needed supplies .This may be a token of gesture .Some times these tokens can nudge the system in right direction.

There are many ex officers,lawyers and doctors and leaders with bright and outstanding resumes who have chosen to serve in the public sector.

Long live the meritocracy and serve our nation .I prey they defend us from partisan politics of profit.

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