Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today is M.K.Gandhi's death anniversary

On this day 62 years ago Gandhi was killed by Godse while going for prayers at Birla house in New Delhi. Godse and Apte were hanged for this crime.Gandhi believed that because he lived moderately and walked several miles daily he would live to be 120 years old.He was 79 years old at the time of his death.

We always wonder how and with what power this man was able to win freedom for India from most powerful an empire and winner of the second world war Great Britain.His desire to live like a poor Indian and improve social status of them including health made him a role model and hero for leaders like King,Mandela and Obama.These are the iconic leaders in different times and places .Gandhi's system of satyagrah is studied as strategic ways of empowerment of weak members of any society.

Non Violent methods of conflict resolution are taught in many schools today.There is a university in India which gives a masters degree in Gandhigiri( ways of Gandhi).there are many teachers of non violence in tradition of Gandhi and Jesus of Nazareth.Gandhi is almost a contemporary as there are people who had seen him or met him.

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