Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Children of Haiti,our common heritage.

Haiti had an earthquake of biblical scale and proportion.What have we done to deserve such a wrath.What is god testing.Is he still the omniscient God.God of heavens and earth.does she not know that people of these places have suffered enough.Where is his mercy or that is just a story and myth.I defy that god .IT is really sad that there is no solution in defying this God either.For rational man it becomes more his/her burden to take care of fellow humans .We have empathy and we suffer when any of our fellow humans suffer.We are even sympathetic to other animals plight.Many have chosen the path of non violence to include non violence even against animals.Gandhi was heart broken when he saw animal sacrifice at the temple of Kali in Calcutta.

Now I am talking about this tragedy where many people including children have lost their life in this earthquake.In a very poor country where opportunities are few a handicapped person,a very young at that who has lost limbs is very vulnerable.Many of these children are vulnerable for lack of resources and are victims of human exploitation.These children are our common heritage.

I am thinking of Movie Gandhi.when a Muslim child was orphaned every body was sad and wanted to raise that child and adopt her.Gandhi said to people assembled that raise that child not only as your own but a Muslim child .Very few of us would be capable of doing it.This is the need of the time where a large number of children are taken and raised by loving parents all over the world as a responsibility to our fellow humans.They will become part of the new families while not loosing their ties to the nation and the family they were born in.I know this is a great sacrifice for the parents.Then again it has been a longtime since children have really belonged to parents after they have achieved adulthood.They may belong to the world and may be nations of birth.This our connection to nation and family and society is important that it be nurtured by all of us.So what care takers of these children should keep in mind
1. Have the children be exposed to the language and culture of their birth place.
2. Develop familiarity with people of Haiti and meet on frequent basis with them.
3. Visit Haiti for three month's each every few years if possible.
4.. listen the music and lullabies of Haiti.
5.Attend functions of the Haitians community.
6.expose children to culture of many different cultures.

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