Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hellen Eggers prices breakfast at 2000 dollars and gets it.

The $2,000 breakfast
Laid off and concerned about the mortgage, she transforms her house into a B&B.

Eggers is a good name for a bed and breakfast place.Unemployed she converted her duplex into a Bread and Breakfast. She is charging after a long consultation and study areasonable price of $85 per night for B&B.Her new client is renting for a month and is paying 85X30=2550 Dollars.Mind you just last month before new carpeting and paint job and clean up this room only brought only 500 dollars a month.So she says this is the price of her breakfast which is the difference.

What is this $2000 breakfast.Eggers vowed to make John(her new client) an unforgettable breakfast; I baked my signature cinnamon rolls with orange zest, fried crispy bacon and potatoes, created a perfect three-egg omelet. Freshly squeezed orange juice and steaming gourmet coffee rounded out the menu.

Thankfully to eggers delight John suggested that he rather have serial for breakfast next day.
This story has been rehashed from the story in Christian Science Monitor 2/10/10.

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