Friday, February 12, 2010

Sharukh Khan is not fair to India & IPL.

Sharukh Khan as owner of one of the IPL teams chose not to choose a Pakistani player and is now complaining that IPL should have chosen Pakistani players.
What kind of twisted logic is this the people who have the authority and resources to do the right thing do not do it then go into media and state that they should have .We should call these people bluff .He has benefited from his stature as a star.Stop beating around the bush and do the right thing .Do not play on the sensitivities of the people.

I still think his short delay at clearance at the NY airport was not a blunder by airport personnel.In a democratic society powerful and influential people should not expect any special status and treatment from ordinary workers who's job is to provide safe and orderly passage to Public.

If he gets special treatment in India .In sympathy with his movie character he should not accept it and rise above the pettiness.


  1. Dear Sir,
    India is a secular country. There more Muslims in India then in Pakistan itself.We had two Presidents from Muslim community and a number of central ministers/state ministers from Muslim community.
    In sports or in Military services, there is no religion. If the Pakistan cricketers are good why not they should be selected? IPL is a professional organization, religion or nationalities should be avoided. Even Lt. Arun Khetarpal from my regiment, the hero of 1971 operations, who had destroyed 9 tanks of the Pakistan Regiment was awarded NISHEN E PAKISTAN, the highest Bravery award of Pakistan Government. Lt. Naseer Ahmed, now Brigadier Naseer Ahmed whose tank fired Arun's tanks mentioned about the bravery of Arun. Both were fighting for their Armies not for their Religion. We have number of highly decorated Muslims, Param Vir Chakra awardees. Secondly on 26/11 NSG Squadron was commanded by a Muslim officer. People Like Bal Thackeray and his Sena should be commended. Where were they on 26/11. Not even a single statement from their side at that time, what to fight for terrorism.All Shiv Sainiks were hiding like rats. There strength is hardly of 1600 impotents and area of operation is only Mahrashtra. All of them are scared of coming to North.
    We must support Shahrukh Khan and all moderate Indians should support him and condemn the Shiv Sainiks.
    All antinationals,terrorists deserve condemnation from all sane people and support who fight against them.

  2. Thanks Guneet for the comment.My blog was just making a point that how we have become movie hero worshipers in India.For some Sharukh can do no wrong.I was just blogging on his complaining about IPL not taking Pakistani players while it seems he went along with the league guidelines without complaining and had not tried to buy any players himself.I was not defending anything Shiv Sena was promoting.

    Sharukh by complaining about delay at the US airport in clearance was a stunt to get publicity for his movie and it worked.Shame on him for politicising security issues.
    If any security officer treated him in unusual fashion should be removed from job for improper treatment.
    kul bhushan

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