Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marriage age law and practice ,as in Rajasthan

Tribune article states that 82 Rajasthan MLA's got married while they were neiher adult nor of legal age under 1954 act which set the age for marriage for boys at 21 and girls at 18.
While it is comendable that marriage age had been raised but why this disparity in different sexes.It is more important for well being of the future citizens that mothers have children when their bodies and minds have matured and nature and learning has equipped them with wisdom to raise the future youth of the world. Maybe it is about time that marriage age as well age of adulthood be raised to 20 for all men and women.A system where a young adult for people between 17 and 21 and full adult with all the benefits and responsibility at age 21. A manual should be published where rights and responsibilities of both category of people may be defined.Handbook for citizens of India.Current pope As bishop Ratzinger was incharge of the almost 1000 page catechism( a book Defining who and what of catholicism).The document took several years and best and most influential minds of the church participated in preparing this document.

While i am at it i would like to ask all the parents to allow freedom to their children so they may become responsible adults.To the Kids as you become adults remember that your parents are adults too and have all the rights even to say stupid things.Any way i am finding older my kids get(above 20) smarter i become in their eyes.

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