Friday, July 9, 2010

David Mamet and Charlie Rose

Playwright and director Mamet was being interviewed by Charlie Rose one of my favorite hosts in media.Naturally Brian Lamb is the tops not only as an host but for what he is and his contributions to our society and nation .Brian is founder President and CEO of C-span.I would consider Mr Shekhar of Indian express also in the same category.

Reason for this blog is what Mamet said while quoting his father."never ask a man what he does".This is loaded question.This shows a desire to place a person in hierarchical order. We want to know how much one makes.Are they above us or below us.If we knew what some body does we may treat them differently than if we did not.It left me thinking about all the hidden meaning and sometimes agenda of different people in that question.

Another Question Charlie asked was what he thought of Mr Obama.Again he did not want to share his views as that would have tainted other peoples perception of Mamet from that simple question and answer.Charlie had a point that he asks these question from many different people to get into any insights this masters in different fields could have into political life of the nation.Naturally by Quoting Thomas Sowell he showed that he had read him and was not much of an ideologue.Mr Sowell is conservative but with ideas.

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