Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Henry David Thoreau of the waldens pond only forty mile north of here.

What a beautiful statement about learning from the rishi of Walden.I was very impressed by statement of MArtin Luther KIng III son of the freedom fighter decendent of Gandhi,"A visit to India Can only be Pilgrimage."
SomeBody was asking what could be our places of pilgrimages .I thought a minit and my answer was waldens pond.hm most agreed.Left us thinking.This rishi inspired Gandhi.

" We boast that we belong to the Nineteenth Century and are making the most rapid strides of any nation. But consider how little this village does for its own culture. I do not wish to flatter my townsmen, nor to be flattered by them, for that will not advance either of us. We need to be provoked,—goaded like oxen, as we are, into a trot. We have a comparatively decent system of common schools, schools for infants only; but excepting the half-starved Lyceum in the winter, and latterly the puny beginning of a library suggested by the State, no school for ourselves. We spend more on almost any article of bodily aliment or ailment than on our mental aliment. It is time that we had uncommon schools, that we did not leave off our education when we begin to be men and women. It is time that villages were universities, and their elder inhabitants the fellows of universities, with leisure—if they are, indeed, so well off—to pursue liberal studies the rest of their lives"

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