Thursday, July 15, 2010

India decides on new symbol for RUPEE .

Interesting news in New York Times that India has decided on a new symbol for its currency Which is letter R in Devanagari script with a mid way line through it.New York times defines it as "It looks like a capital letter R, minus its vertical leg, and with two added horizontal lines through the upper, curved portion"

Now the standard scripts and computers will have to make changes to adopt it as symbol.It show's India's desire to set itself apart from Pakistan ,Indonesia and others who use Rupee,Rupiah as its currencies.

My hope is all this confidence will help poor to get nutrition,education,respect and health care.India's independence is very encouraging .Problems of survival are small in today's technological advanced era.India's demographics gives it a window of 25 years to catch up and upgrade the human life.

Symbol was designed by IIT student D Udaya Kumar who won a prize of rupees 250,000about $ 6000 .Now i wish i had a symbol for Rupee on my key board.

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