Saturday, July 31, 2010

questions to ask

1. How does your god look like does he/she communicates with you
3. what qualities you attribute to god.
4. do you have a personal saviour and how you relate to him
5.Do you believe universality of god.
6.hell,heaven,purgatory and what is this life.
7.Any author and book which had most impact
8.childhood and beliefs of child fears and aspirations
9. advise to 6 year old ,15 year old ,30 year old ,60 year old,90 year old,
10.what and where you studied as child story, poem,movie,play,conversation,role(as in acting or pretending)teacher preacher,friend,foe ,lover,sibling,cosin,grandparent,
12.job hopes and aspirations.
13 politics,faith how it has changed and why.
14.memorable moment
15.great service rendered or received.
16.have suffered hunger extreme heat ,cold tiredness vulnerability,love,passion in
Best time and worst time
17 first love,heart break,disappointment

please send any more to add

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