Thursday, July 29, 2010

What happened when American involvement in Pakistan ended after Soviet withdrawal

After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan,American started disengaging from the region.Taliban and Saudi supported jihadi from Arabian peninsula formed the alliance with the support of ISI killed all the opponents and installed a very repressive regime who would kill their enemies and even women in the football grounds to intimidate the ordinary citizens .

Only two countries recognised this regime which were no doubt Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

After the Soviets this cabal focused its attention on Kashmir and sent these Jihadi to that region .Creating a law and order crisis for India.

A Indian airlines plane was hijacked en route from Nepal to Delhi.which finally landed in Kandahar and was surrounded by Taliban .One person on board was killed. Three known high ranking terrorists were released from Indian prisons and five hijackers with known Pakistani nationality were released and disappeared in Pakistan.One of released prisoners is known to have founded L E T. other has killed Danny Pearl the Wall Street Journals reporter.

So if America leaves without finishing the Network of terrorists and its connection with ISI and Pakistani military these desperate people will lose American Largess as such may try to do worse than they did last time .World should be really concerned.

China has played a prominent role in nuclear aspirations of the rogue nations including North Korea,Iran and Pakistan. A Q Khan has written that they got Bomb in a box from China , including processed fuel.China's goal in this respect is to keep a check on American influence.Giving nuclear bomb technology to rogues is an inexpensive tool for china.Sad part is that Pakistan has used American money( our aid) to buy Chinese technology and has made an agreement to get nuclear technology outside the inspection regime of the IATA.

Saber rattling and transfer of nuclear power has been Chinese tools to counter democracy and moderation around the world.China has also used its mercantile power to intimidate neighbors and others who may want to have the influence on any of the regions of the world.

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