Friday, August 27, 2010

" Bandaged Chapati ".

Today when i got up stuffed pronthy with Gobhi was on my mind.So i decided to kneed the dough and prepare to make them.

I kneed the Canadian chapati flour in a bowl.By guess it was enough to make 10 chapatis.Four dopadi(two balls of dough stuffed with stuff made of grated Cauli flower,onions,salt pepper ,chilies,turmeric and amchur ( sour mango powder).As i had put salt i noticed that this mixture had become too watery.I made one pronthy with it and liquid was squeezing out of it and was barely able to keep it all together by using lot of dried flour.

So i squeezed the excess water by holding this mixture in a very tight fist over the sink.I hated the juices going down the drain and could not find any use for them. Having drained most of the water of the mixture now Only larger pieces of cauliflower were left unsqueezed and i was eating the larger pieces to reduce this problem.

I made several more dupadis( double dough stuffed with cauliflower and spices pronthas) Now the last ball of dough was left .

I flattened the dough ball in a circular form added the spiced stuffing mixture into it and pulled the edges together to make the dough back into a ball .sealed all the corners with the excess dough.The ball was pretty and i started flattening it and then i rolled it moving back and forth with the rolling pin to make bigger tortia (Chapati).

Oh their was one or more bigger pieces in the stuffing so it wounded the nice chapati.i was disappointed to notice that their was a puncture in this bread .i was heart broken .It reminded me of the wounds oozing stuff and hole needing to be filled .I wanted duct tape to fix it ,or band aid to patch these wounds .I took a piece of soft dough from the edges . And re stretched it on side and put it on the hole as if it was a bandage.I noticed the place where i had taken the dough to be grafted from had also a wound now and oozing stuffing I squeezed the dough to heal it and tucked back the stuffing very gently.Seeing the Chapati mended my hope was getting up And i started taking pictures. To make my bandaged chapati stable i sprinkled dry powdery flower on top of it and patted it a little so that it may stick and hold it.Then with great difficulty i Flipped this Chapati over in the process damaging it some what,surprisingly it held itself well together.Now with expertise in grafting and sprinkling and patting technique mastered i repaired this side also.

To my surprise this side held together also and I was able to flip this Raw uncooked Chapati (Fully mended by grafts,bandages and high teck techhniques) on the top of hot Tawa(pan to cook Chapatis.

I saw it getting cooked and the color on the top change from white lucid to darker and tanner .I flipped it over and put some oil on the cooked side and two minutes later flipped again. till both side were cooked.

I had a perfectly healed Chapati now .It was in the final form of its destiny.It was the moksh of the flower to become chapati.As i finished this I put it on the bottom of the pile so this healed chapati would be eaten last .That is again the destiny of chapati is to be enjoyed by some body.I had my two chapatis. took pictures to remind me what this ordeal was. and went to work.

In my lunch i noticed that their was rice and Sabji of Cauli Flower that is my wife had cooked all the rest of cauli flower even the larger pieces i had not used for Chapati .

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