Monday, August 23, 2010

Conversations with Masters and an Audience. Just Thoughts

I am proposing India Museum to host twice monthly converstions with the masters in all fields . Rewards will be two hours with the master .Two weeks of preparation will be done to learn their work and somebody will pick them up and bring them to the museum.

They would be asked to sit in a comfortable chair and their shoes and socks removed their feet to be washed by most important person in the gathering and then by symbolic washing by all willing,creating a ritual of reverence.

Almost reverse of washing of the feet of Apostles by jesus.Repeat of washing feet of the lord in reverence for any prayer.

Then their feet would be dried with fine towel showing respect and love reserved for the lovers only.

A nice silk or other fine socks would be given to them and cotton sandals to wear for the event. Also a shawl or scarf would be given to them .

After offering best of the drinks and some snacks .Master would be presented again as the guest for the evening. Host would converse originally giving a bio data and achievements of the guest to the group.

Then the conversation would start discovery and work of the master .A shorty video of the daily life of master would be included.

Religious leaders and community leaders who have dedicated their life for causes would be honored for the passion.People under 35 would not be honored in the same way,conversations with high achievers of any age will always be welcome.

Just being rich can not be cause for invitee.

Rich will have to have done better than just have money.If they plan to give it away in a unique way and or had made the money in unique way they would be welcome.If they are masters they would not be disqualified just for being rich.

Masters don't have to be academicians or government officials and being such would not disqualify.

The whole purpose of this activity is to Honor the Master .Let him/her be aware of the honor we get by this action .build respect and dignity by honoring the masters so that others may emulate.Learning the ways of the master is the key .What type of life they lead how they balance life of learning and family .what is the difference with celibate masters and others .How life partners have helped and hindered their pursuits.
What is their daily routine.What time they get up or go to bed and work habits.

How do they write.Long hand ,computers .in isolation with helpers.who are the helpers and how they choose them .If their siblings have similar interests .How about their children.

Relationship with god,prayer and religious up bringing if any.

Relations with parents .Early childhood and influences.Where they were born , formative years and how they were made who they and why.
What is their advice to raise next generation of thinkers ,doers,innovators,leaders and servants.what is advice for ordinary citizen and for over sixty generation.

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