Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A comment on Dr Halamkas busy schedule.

I am amazed that with 1000 e-mails to respond, how you do anything else.You must be a blessed man. You still are able to have dinner with family,ride bike, ski, interact with your daughter.Write a daily blog .Find me one of you, oh may be you should go into telling our kids how to do it all in the time allotted by the gods.Thanks for sharing.

I am just trying to be genius.That is hard ,i have to do whole lot of nothing .In the end it may end up whole lot of nothing.

I am getting tired by just thinking about your schedule.

What is the learning moment.How do you change pace.How many words you read per minute and comprehend if you respond 500 e-mails that if each takes a minute is more time than a smoker spent on smoking 70 cigarettes. Wow glad you do not smoke.
You also do not need much sleep,in my case that would have meant extra time to day dream.

Let your assistants do more of the work ,they can do it.

Thanks for sharing.I like your thinking,very analytical proactive, engaged mind.

In next life i will ask gods for your stamina.

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