Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things to buy and do while in India

1.Hand made art and craft from the artist
2.Hand made notebooks and ledgers of high quality
3.old fashioned hand drawn horoscope will need date and time of birth and will need translation (all for fun)
4.Visit Bhrigusanta place where they say they have papers written hundreds years ago about visits.
5.Visit oldest people in the family and ask about the times when they were kids and before the Partition of India.Specially their best memories also addresses and names of their close relatives teachers and friends and their views as children.What did they read and what languages.
6.Get some simple Indian clothes made.Get some Party clothes made.
7.Buying some old Urdu poetry in Hindi script
8.Unique gifts local for Punjab,haryana,himachal , rajasthan and Kashmir
9.Show love and affection for all as extended family and uncle as brother of Baba.Extended interview with him.
10.Visit a place they make embroidery,Gold leaf ,wooden combs by hand,Fine jewelry. and photograph it.

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