Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rewriting hindu mythology and questioning the myth by 21st century logic.

Supreme court in a Judgement is trying to define the History of India to settle a rights case.this case involved mistreatment of a tribal woman who was stripped naked for having a liason with some person and paraded through the village.
Court increased the punishment of the culprits and has gone further in promoting the status of the tribals as the originals INdians who form about 8 percent of the population and called India a nation of long ago waves of immigration who made it their home.

Court has gone as far as criticising one of the most Famous of GURU's for asking a Dakshina(gift for teaching)of thumb of a tribal student who having accepted him as his guru studied and became greatest archer.Court wrote that Guru Droanacharya did wrong and improperly asked Eklavya to give gift of his right hand thumb which he did to honor his Guru.

Guru was selfish he wanted his favourite Arjun to be the greatest Archer.
Court wrote that inspite of shameful treatment of tribals ,they have maintained a high standard of morals.

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