Sunday, February 20, 2011

40 years have not healed the pain. Story of Bangladesh.

Some hurts are too deep to heal by time alone.Of those one can call the pain caused by separation and partition of India and Pakistan,Holocaust, and may be atrocities committed By Pakistani forces in East Pakistan during the freedom struggle in 1971.

It seems if somebody wanted to make a love story of A SS soldier and his Jewish girl friend and their love and struggle .It will be hard for a Jewish person who has been a victim of the tragedy commit ed by Hitler and his cohorts to accept as a simply on the merits of story. Wounds are too deep to forgive yet and may be the victim can never get enough solace to forgive even after this lapse of time.

In case of Bangladesh's wounds might be too raw .Forty years is a short time in the memory of a nation.Some times i wonder that may be the reason for all these wars Between India and Pakistan and the hatred openly displayed. This hatred only make us lesser and madder.Questions may be asked if the film makers are intentionally inciting the raw nerves or have an artistic view to promote.

This whole controversy is raised by the new Liberation film made and being shown in Bangladesh called "Meherjaan" starring beloved Indian actress Jaya Bachchan and Victor Banerjee.It is love story where a Pakistani soldier falls in love with a Bangladeshi Girl and is court martial for disobeying the command.

Forty years a very short time to forget when 3 million Bangladesh's were killed in independence struggle and 200,000 girls and women were raped by Pakistani soldiers.Sadly there has been no effort on the part of Pakistani people and Military to admit atrocities and make mends for the tragedy.It seems that no responsible leader has ever even shown remorse and expressed regret on behalf of the nation for the wrongs done 40 years ago.Let us start with Sorry and begging for forgiveness. I hope that such tragedies can be avoided in the future and reconciliation and justice be the ways of the world.

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