Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Census of India

Many interesting facts are emerging from the census data.
Sex ratio for boys and girls is being scewed in favor of boys. Sad . Mostly through sex selection

Interesting thing happened in Ladakh .With the high number of military personnel their ratio was extremely distorted against girls.when it came like 583 girls for 1000 boys.every body was surprised.A stigma against the population being girl killers was being  formed.

Local community had its own data. according to which they new ratio for women was actually majority of population was girl.So with pride they can say they are girl friendly.This distortion was because of military personnel being counted in the count and large number of them being male.

Other interesting number is that they are counting males,females and Aphrodite's( People who could be gender not determinant)
Next major Development we will see is the unique identification for all Indians.If successful it will be milestone for India's progress.This can be as important as energy or independence of nation for the development of nation.
lets see how it happens

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