Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Abbotabad the history of it

Abbotabad is a weird pakistani name.Simple reason it is not an urdu Panajabi or Hidustani name. Bad after a word means colony or city or neighborhood . We have many names like that in the subcontinent.

The town of Abbottabad in British India was the headquarters of the then Hazara district, and was named after Major James Abbott who founded the town and district in January 1853 after the annexation of the Punjab. He remained the first Deputy Commissioner of the Hazara district between 1849 until April 1853. Major Abbott is noted for having written a poem titled "Abbottabad", before he went back to Britain,

The Pakistani pronounciation is Abtabad.
that clearifies the mystery about the name.

Their is no need to try to pronounce the name of town as some urdu name. It is an english name ABBOT.


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