Friday, June 17, 2011

July and august the independence days

July fourth is a great day in history of the free people of the world.America broke its colonial ties and became the first true democracy.Our founding fathers were able to create a system where we have a president elected every four years in November.It has happened in times of war and peace ,in times of plenty and historical poverty.Nation has learned and in 2008 it broke its shackles of slavery and ended its tragic legacy by electing a black man raised by white grand parents as the 44th president of the united states of america.The founders were revolutionaries in thinking and created a constitution which has survived without many changes.It continues to be beacon for the freedom loving people of the world.People all over wonder at the greatness of its people in their ability to limit the powers of the government.This nation has reinvented itself and has become the supreme economic and moral power in the world.yes we know how 7.5 million people are in jail system(in jail or parole).We are fighting two wars at exhorbitant costs in human lives and treasure.

On the midnight 14 th 0f august 1947 India another Colony of Britain became a free nation .Actually it became two countries India a secular democracy and Pakistan an Islamic republic.Pakistan chose 14 the august as its independence day and India at midnight so declared its self as free from the colonial rule of England.So India has used best of american practices and has by some miracle had survived the democracy and is becoming one of the maturing democracies in Asia.India has a inspite of problems created a very good society where diversity is welcome.president of India is a woman,speaker of lower house is woman.Most powerful person is Congress party president Sonia Ghandhi a woman who was born in Italy.India,s chief executiveIs dr Manmohan Singh who is member of one of minorities (Sikh). India,s defense minister is christian Anthony.
In august Their are two festivals which are celebrated with great gusto one is Janam Ashtami(8/21) is birth day of lord Krishna and Muslim celebrations of ID UL Fitr (8/30, 8/31)which culminates at the end full month of fasting(dawn to dusk)by the faithful.Both of these days are holidays in India.India also has Christmas and good friday as national holiday.Id ul fitr is celebrated in India ,Bangladesh and Pakistan with great enthusiasm.

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