Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dont blame Harvard for Dumb Harvard guys.

They have put foot in their mouth more than expected from them.

In India we have Mr Subramanian Swamy who has a weird theory which only makes the distance between Hindu,s and Muslim,s wider and deeper.It is sad theory. He seems to not notice that if his views are not acceptable in USA they will fall flat in India too.Who is going to tell a Harvard Guy.Besides a dumb Harvard Guy.

P. Chidambaram,Another Harvard alum Union home Minister of India.Whose job is to help keep the law and order in the country.Normally considered a bright thinker.Has only put both feet in his mouth.While criticizing the Anna Hazare an anti corruption crusader.Has only made legalistic arguments without taking into account the dire situation in the nation where corruption has stopped the functioning of the government at all levels.In many state chronyism is prevalent and is flaunted.Many members of one family are ruling for many generations .IT is worst in case of first family of India .Instead of founding solutions where people would feel empowered he has said that power of parliament is such and such and so on and so forth.

Now we have a worst case of dumb and criminal Harvard Guy who plotted to kill his wife in city street with his alleged lover. Kashif Parvaiz, and Antoinette Stephen, who were charged in the murder of 27-year-old Nazish Noorani(wife of Parvaiz).He had two kids with his wife.He is student at Harvard.Whole America takes a sigh of relief that it was not a terrorist act or hate act against a minority Family. we are saddened that one of the guys born and educated in America, having benefited from the best America has to offer acted so badly.His connection with our continent and wife being Karachi born, leaves us all heart broken.Sadly Even Harvard could not correct personality flaws.

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