Sunday, September 11, 2011

SGPC elections and role of political parties.

It is sad that SAD a major political party and ruling party in Panjab has chosen to bar the sheajdhari sikhs from participating in the elections of Sikh temple management committees(SGPC). If all the sikh gururs were alive none of their wives would be able to vote for any candidate of SGPC.All the pyaras and the authors of granthsahib would be barred from voting.Suddenly if a bibi is not named a kaur would not be able to participate in the election and setting of agenda for the gurudwara,s(Sikh temples) Sudenly SAD is promoting a culture of exclusion and casteism in the sikh bodies .This will hurt the citizens and culture of panjab.The caretakers of the SGPC are making rules of exclusion elitism which will only harm the soul and body of sikhism. The tradition in all homes of having one child become sikh in house is being dishonored .Under the new voting lists half the sikhs would not be allowed to vote for the temple management.It is time tha leacdership realise that if they want to exclude the people from the management half of the revenue from the gurudwara,s will disappear and people will give their money to institutions who honor equality of human beings and dont forget the govind in the guru govind. Hinduism has accepted and morphed into an inclusive faith(if you choose to do so)So has gurus houses have accepted all comers.In the historical time when we are rulers of our own Destiny.Every Sikh is not required to fight for the country .In our armed forces sikhs,muslims,hindu.s and all other citizens serve with distinction.Today sikhs have equal status in police and armed forces in promotion and service. I will say to all Sikhs and hindus who are not on the elector rolls of sgpc to stop contributing to sgpc gurudwara.s and start Sikh service NGOs to set an example of service for all .In the tradition of Gurus we need to set an example for the society and get rid of poverty hunger ignorance ,and help provide education and health care to all. If SGPC would be denied funds they will understand that revolutions have been fought for representation when masses were taxed without representation.In this case it may not be taxation but no representation for management when contributions(financial) are from all. Iknow many Sikh families in AMerica where none of the men have unshaven hair and beards.Is it apostacy or blindness on the part of Gobinsinghs shiksha.s for elitism and exclusion.I am still glad most of my friends accept me as i am and do not consider me as other.I am one of them and they are one with me.My brahmin ancesstors have given life for Sikh Gurus and faith inspite of all this Ruckus i refuse and wont allow others to refuse my hindu brahmin,sikh indian heritage with all its warts and i live in america and i am American citizen..

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