Sunday, October 2, 2011

My India and poverty line expenses.

India has its own quirky way of measuring the poverty.One of the early measure had been number of calories intake.All the people who were not able to consume or procure 2100 to 2400 calories per day  were considerd poor.According  to this criteria  a  person in rural area could get these calories by spending 26 Rupees per day and in cities they could do with 32 Rupees per day .

So with income of 60 to 75cents per day one would be out of the poverty line.India is a land of contradictions.Some places with natural resources and productive animals one can live healthy lives with little money.It has been said that in Kerala as most people have 4 coconut trees they can get enough calories from the coconuts.In the process the nutrition  needs of people are met and full education people have been empowered to take care of health and governance issues .

With the same money most people in cities like New Delhi would starve  and live in extreme deprivation.As no other resources are available to them.While visiting India i will write about cost of subsistence living in different places .I will keep track of my expenses.As i am vegetarian my food cost should be more reasonable if i choose to  eat in moderate places cost in fancy places can be many times higher.
Its just an idea.

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