Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thomas Transtromer is new Nobel prize winner for literature and that also for poetry.

Thomas Transtromer the new Nobel Prize winner of literature is 80 years old and Swede.This is a nice way to expose, not that well known artists to the English language readers.Besides he is a poet.Nice to have poets recognized  for their work.

After Mario Vargas Llohsa (last years Nobel winner) who gave some nice material to read and comment on, i hope to be reading Transtromer.Sadly i will be reading him also in translation.Both of these winners are English language proficient  and so i hope their translation convey gist of their original works.I am sure uniqueness of all languages can not be be fully conveyed even by best of translators.Translating poetry to poetry in other language is monumental task it is good that they were translated before they became Nobel winners.

Congratulations to Mr Transtromer.

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