Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bhilwara India.

Bhilwara is a town(now bustling)in Rajasthan India.I virtually grew up here.In my development it played an important role.I learned to wander here .To walk for hours in fields and streets was norm not exception in those days.We walked( me and Shamu and Amrik)Even when we had a bike as we were not going anywhere.I guess homes were not condusive to conversation so streets were used or may be thats why they were invented.In our case that would have to be the reason.And drinking cheap tea from street vendors( even when we had no money)Amrik mostly paid for it he worked in mines and factories and always appeared magically after ten pm .It was not that we were exploiting his generosity.I  would mention to him how much money i had in my pocket and he always seemed to make up the shortfall or entire charges for tea.I am sure at times we must have shared a cup of tea which in my memory were 7 paisa for pre made tea(today there are 50 rupees in a dollar and their were 100 paisa in one rupee) Figure it out you could buy 14 cups of tea for 2 cents .Kids in america could collect five cents by looking for empty coke bottles in those days and a kid named Amrik singh like the american kid paid for the Tea (chai).By the way the special tea made to order was called special had more milk and made to order but i think it did not taste any better.Besides you will have to waite till it was made and pay 15 paisa.
In my memory those were best of time.His genorisity did not make us beholden to him.must have been best of friendship as the view of any of us is not altered by any financial roles in buying chai.It was understood that the one who had the money normally paid.That was where i mostly used my discretionary funds.My sister was also very kind and some times gave me her allowance.


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  2. It is really gratifying to go back in the memory lane and enjoy the simple but priceless episodes of childhood.The trhill of a simple cup of tea in the company of real friends(langotia yarrs)is bryond expression and a real source of authentic happiness.I am really happy that you got this opporyunity to relive the past. Baldev Seekri