Monday, January 23, 2012


Long ago when i was a kid .I had a special place for Netaji in my heart.Their were some Sepoys who worked with dad.These were no lowly sepoys as their rank would denote.They were outstanding proud people.One day dad told me that they were former soldiers of Azzad Hind Fauj of Netaji.It was before India became free and independent.
They were proud of their service with Netaji.I wanted to know all they knew about Netaji.Was he still alive or what they believed.How was the life in his army..Sadly later i found out that their service was not recognised by free India. In spite of this all they were no bitter soldiers.They loved me for my love of Netaji and my interest in their life as his soldiers.

On 23 January we would meet  at Netajis BUST on top of the Bridge(PULL) in Amritsar.I was may be seventeen or so.I remember missing my DAV College  for this event ,not that i was such a serious student .This is for sure one of the memorable occasion for me to miss some classes.

What I said that day was a young mans logic which i still hold true in its essence.I said if Hitler had won the second world war Netaji would have been the reason for India's independence.For sure i still believe that second world war had made British so weak that they had to let India be free.

For what we know about Hitler no body could love him for his cruelty and hatred.They say all is fare in love and war so i think I support Netaji's action to join enemies of British in India's struggle for freedom.
From that day on i was loved by many INA soldiers and we developed great mutual affection.

Every time I see this day on  Calender it reminds me of my childhood and Netaji's bust and those great freedom fighters of Azzad Hind Fauj who never got recognised by free India.
Jai Hind

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