Monday, March 12, 2012

A Conversation 10 % versus 50 % .ZARDARI VS BADAL & clones.

Zardari is known world over Mr TEN percent.He has residences in England and Dubai. Which is fine and dandy.Pakistan has paid a high price for this corruption and its other forms.Lack of land reforms have left many without land and have made them indentured servants with no hope of salvation or getting out of servitude.
Wahabi Mullahs influences and lack of liberal and scientific education has hurt the education of women.Taliban initiated militancy and ideology has kept the women covered and uneducated.It has been said  that best form of financial aid is the one which helps to raise the status( that is education as well as financial earnings)of women.Lack of clear .transparent and open electoral process has deprived the sentiment of hope in the public at large.
By interfering in the state Affairs Pakistani Military and intelligence agencies has proved to the masses that they are above law and are most important a player in Pakistani politic.

Now to India .India has become a country where old Raja's have been replaced by elected family     heirarchie's .Many states have very influential families .Out of 28 states six or more have family rule that is elected father +son+mother+daughter+ daughter in law and other in laws are ruling theses states.It is true in Jammu & Kashmir,Haryana,Panjab.UP,center,and several southern states.Some of the allies in central government have MP's from these families.
 The new norm In Indian states has become 50 % .That is any project can get state blessing if one of the official family member is 50 percent partner in project.Most of these project are funded by state or banks with only minimal capital requirements and they are part of the state developmental goals.Due diligence and all other planning needed is done by state machinery and funds.The initial investment of the project is returned quickly and then all parties are true partners as no money has been invested by any parties and leaders benefit 50/50. All legal and clear business every body wins .Zardari you have 10 % in black money we have 50 % in white money.HA HA.

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