Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10000 Rupees is the subsidy for each person going on Haj in India

Did you ever wonder how much is Haj Subsidy for every Muslim in poor India.Wonder no more Currently a Haj subsidy of Rupees 10000 is provided .It is a lot of money for a country where poor do not have clean water to drink and lack basic toilet facilities and even lack basic money even to use paid public toilets.
Public health ,nutrition,and education are important parameters to judge our progress.This money hijacked by influentials for Haj is really the money deprived the really poor for water and toilets.I would ban this subsidy till clean drinking water is provided to every child and mother and a clean toilet for every 6 people or so.

Subsidy for going to heaven should be curtailed till life is made livable for the least able among us.Water ,health, toilet and education  along with food are the things we need before heaven.

Hajj subsidy is against the tenets of Islam .Islam requires that every able body Muslim from his or her resources perform Haj(pilgrimage to Mecca)once in a lifetime.All able Muslims should renounce this subsidy and ask the government to use these resources for helping the real needy.


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