Thursday, July 19, 2012


IT is a unique question,How much human life is worth ?

Strictly on earning basis.Useful earnings of human can be calculated on the basis of projected earnings of life time work which is around forty years.Then one may take out the cost of sustaining average life out of it and balance is the net value of human  life in economic terms as calculated by Indian courts for compensation when a life is lost in an accident.This method has been used to compensate the poor for loss of life and limb.Even the railways has used such a method to compensate the victims of railway accidents.Poor do not have any other insurances so these compensations are very inadequate and leave poor very poor and helpless in loss of the family members.

In USA  human life is valued   differently.At least i think so.First of value of the physical human parts can be calculated.We have so many liters of blood,eyes, heart,liver, kidneys and all the other parts which can be harvested and transplanted .So their is a  value we can calculate  for organs for human society.It itself may be much more than the earnings of a poor persons life time earnings in India.

 Then the value of a mother .her care ,cooking cleaning and unconditional filial love  has value in human labor replacement terms would be equal to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then value of a wife or husband as a lover,confidant and soul mate in economic terms as (adviser,confidant, soother and reliever of sexual tension hahah)

I am making all these arguments without any research just from the  top of my head .I think  a reasonable value should be assigned to all human life in  economic terms .Even in India it could be 20 lak (50 thousand dollars). This is the amount of money for which liability insurance should be carried by all entities which serve the public and human life is lost on regular basis.This will involve all transportation and large scale industries involved in chemical and other hazardous enterprises.

I was very impressed how the Japanese Government compensated for the life and loss of the Fukushima  Tsunami and accident Victims. Everyone was paid 50000thousand dollars and in spirit of cooperation people cooperated and are almost  at the point of recovery.In USA people are still suffering in New Orleans from the loss from the failure of levies. Even when the nation has spent lots of money to solve the problems.A cooperative and vigilant citizen is much better deterrent to adversity than all the riches of the world.

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