Sunday, August 5, 2012

In light of Shooting at a Sikh Gurudwara(temple)

ate         It is very sad that a shooting has taken place in a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.Along with the gunman six innocent people have died and many got hurt.Three are in critical condition,including a police officer of the police department.

Most Americans do not know the difference between Sikh or turban wearing Taliban.whose leadership harass minorities in Pakistan as well were responsible for hosting Osama Bin Laden mastermind of 9 11 attack in New York, DC and Pennsylvania.The gunmen had  a  911 tattoo on him and he thought he was revenging 911 attacks by attacking the culprits or the people responsible for attack in United states on that sad day of 9 11 2001.This was a senseless violence where collectively a unrelated group was targeted.

If anything good came out of this tragedy is America is thinking about its race relations.Has learned a
more about the Sikh community.I was saddened to hear some speakers wanted to say that Sikhs were different from Hindus.One speaker who was a  Sikh who did maintain long hair used the term Hindu Sikh to define the community.Less than 10 percent of Sikhs who visit Temple weakly have long hair .They remain Hindu as their guru asked all Sikhs(students) to not cut hair.It was sad to see that These turbaned spokespeople wanted to define all  Sikhs by their own behaviour.They forgot that their own children and brothers were cutting hair for their own reasons,If we want to be very exclusionary soon we all will be extreme minority of one.

Indian community in USA has about 3 million people if we were starting to separate ourselves by language,sects,religious order or state and village we will become even more isolated than we already are.It is a great times that we celebrate our common heritage with the greater American community.There is too much common among all human beings to complain about our differences.

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